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We strive to be leaders in all we do and take pride in being creative and forward-thinking.

Forward Thinking


We are known for our problem-solving skills & the ability to make innovative ideas into reality.

Lichy & Associates, LLC is a nationally renowned consulting and inspection firm that specializes in all elements of the “Building Envelope”. This includes roofing, exterior wall assemblies, and below-grade horizontal and vertical waterproofing. We are at the forefront in solving the most complex and troubling roofing and building envelope problems.

Since the mid-70s, Lichy & Associates has offered unbiased investigation, design, repair planning, quality assurance observations, legal testimony, and general roofing and building envelope management services. Our full-time involvement in the roofing and building envelope industry allows us to keep current with the latest industry technologies and methodologies. We thoroughly understand proper design and construction techniques and are focused on identifying and rectifying the toughest problems our clients encounter

Our diverse client base includes building owners, architects, engineers, facility managers, project managers, contractors, property management entities, and law and insurance professionals. We remain committed to educating our clients and providing them with relevant and useful knowledge so that they can make informed decisions that result in the best long-term solutions for their facility.

Lichy & Associates is completely independent. We have no affiliations with any manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, or installers of roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall products and materials. We work only for our clients and we make all of our decisions and recommendations with their best interest in mind.

No client, building, or job is the same. We understand there is never a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution. Fortunately for our clients, our diverse consulting services are available on an as-needed basis. We listen to our client’s needs, goals, and budget and from there we develop a tailored plan to fit the project-specific needs that we know are right for the client.

Many building owners and facility managers call a building envelope consultant after a problem has already arisen. Not only can Lichy & Associates identify and resolve your existing performance problems, but we can also help you reduce future problems, prevent catastrophic failures, extend the life of your roofing and exterior wall assemblies and lower your overall cost of ownership.

Solving problems for over 45 years.


About the Owner

Michael H. Lichy

Michael H. Lichy

Executive Principal

Michael is the Executive Principal of Lichy & Associates, LLC who has extensive experience with building envelope failure analyses and design, overseeing and monitoring new and rehabilitation construction projects, including roofing, waterproofing, building envelope projects. Michael is a professional member of the Roofing Consultant Institute (RCI) and has been engaged in the building envelope consulting profession on a full-time basis since 1994. As the Executive Principal of Lichy & Associates, Michael is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the firm and is also responsible for conducting and supervising site inspection work, the storage and presentation of site collected data, and participation in the analysis of data and formulation of recommendations. Michael is committed to having a personal involvement in every project that Lichy & Associates manage. Because our clients communicate directly with Michael in all phases of the project, our client’s goals and objectives are thoroughly understood.

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