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What We Do

We offer end-to-end building envelope and roofing consulting services from the initial evaluation to developing and implementing asset management programs. We identify the problem, provide concept solutions to correct the problem, develop detailed and enforceable bid and contract documents, and provide quality assurance inspections. Our core services can be categorized into four phases.


An in-depth assessment of the building envelope systems (roofing, below-grade waterproofing, cladding, fenestrations) to identify deficiencies and potential problem areas.


Design tailor-fit, cost-effective design solutions to meet your facility’s performance and budget requirements and prepare comprehensive and enforceable bid and contract documents.


Manage rehabilitation and new construction projects and provide hands-on quality assurance observations during the construction to ensure the work is properly completed


Roof Asset Management is a proactive approach to managing your roofing assets on all of your buildings. We utilize web-based software to store, track, and analyze your roofing portfolio.


We specializes in all elements of the Building Envelope.

Lichy & Associates, LLC is a nationally renowned consulting and inspection firm that specializes in all elements of the Building Envelope. This includes roofing, exterior walls assemblies, and below-grade horizontal and vertical waterproofing. We have become national leaders in the industry in solving the most complex problems.

Since the mid-70s, we have offered unbiased investigation, design, strategic repair planning, quality assurance observations, legal testimony, and general roofing, waterproofing, and building envelope management services. Our full-time involvement in the roofing and building envelope industry allows us to keep current with the latest industry technologies and methodologies. We thoroughly understand proper design and construction techniques and are focused on identifying and rectifying the toughest problems our clients encounter.

We are very successful in working with building owners, architects, engineers, facility managers, project managers, contractors, property management entities, and law and insurance professionals. We are fully qualified to provide accurate information and quality recommendations to help you preserve your building envelope and roofing assets.



40-percent of all building-related problems are due to water intrusion


Water intrusion accounts for nearly 80-percent of construction litigation.

Why Hire a Building Envelope Consultant?

40 percent of all building-related problems are due to water intrusion. Water intrusion accounts for nearly 80-percent of construction litigation. Water intrusion can have a devastating effect on your building’s structure, your facility operations, and the health of its occupants. In many cases, water intrusion is caused by poor design and/or workmanship. Hiring a qualified building envelope consultant offers a reasonable assurance against these problems developing before, during, or after construction.

Lichy & Associates’ extensive experience analyzing and solving water- and moisture-related failures and our comprehensive understanding of the interactivity of each building component and system, gives us a unique insight when it comes to designing, overseeing, and monitoring new and rehabilitation construction projects. We can ensure you that the appropriate materials and systems are selected for your project, that the design and details work, and that the materials are properly installed with high workmanship standards.


We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of solving the most complex and troubling building envelope problems. We recognize that no two clients, building, or job is the same. Our goal is to understand your unique situation and to provide you with accurate and relevant information that helps you make the right decisions for your facility.

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