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Building Envelope Consultants

Lichy & Associates is a national renowned consulting and inspection firm specializing in roofing, below grade waterproofing and exterior wall assemblies.

Experts in Roofing & Waterproofing

Our full time involvement in the industry allows us to keep current with the latest industry technologies and methodologies.

Unbiased Opinions

We operate without conflict of interest and are not affiliated with any manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, or installers of roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall products and materials.

A Bit About Us

Lichy & Associates, LLC is a national renowned consulting and inspection firm who specializes in all elements of the “Building Envelope”. This includes roofs, exterior walls, below grade horizontal and vertical waterproofing, and their component parts. Our specialties include evaluating, designing and managing roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall assemblies. We also specialize in construction document preparation and review, quality control audits, forensic investigations, maintenance inspections, creating and implementing roof asset management programs, and litigation support services. We have been providing expert analysis, design, and inspections services on commercial, institutional, industrial and residential structures for over 35 years. Our primary clients are building owners, architects, engineers, facility managers, contractors and insurance professionals.

Services We Provide

Lichy & Associates provides the following roofing, waterproofing and building envelope consulting services:

  • Building Envelope Evaluations – Roofs, exterior walls and below grade horizontal and vertical waterproofing.
  • Non-Destructive Moisture Surveys – (infrared and capacitance)
  • Energy Analysis
  • Project Design – Development and preparation of construction documents
  • Project Management & Construction Administration
  • Field Quality Control Inspections
  • Roof Asset Management Programs / Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Warranty Claims Assistance
  • Failure Investigations
  • Leak traces
  • Project Review – Review design, specifications, drawings, and submittals for compliance of building code.
  • Litigation & Expert Witness

Providing solutions to help solve even the toughest problems!

Our full time involvement in the building envelope industry allows us to keep current with the latest industry technologies and methodologies. We thoroughly understand proper design and construction techniques and are focused on identifying and rectifying the toughest problems our clients encounter. We can provide you with real solutions to solve your building envelope problems that you can be assured are the most cost-effective and appropriate for the facility.

Roof Asset Management Program

When managing multiple roofs, Lichy & Associates is your best resource to prolong the expected life of your roofs, reduce maintenance cost and frequency of emergency repairs, avoid premature roof replacement, and to provide you with all the information you need to implement short and long term budget plans for your roofing need.

Basic Components of a Typical Visual Roof Survey

A trained professional roof consultant shall perform a thorough inspection and evaluation of the following:

  • The roof membrane, membrane base flashings, cap flashings, perimeter-edge flashings and sheet metal trim.
  • All rooftop equipment, roof projections and roof drain assemblies.
  • The underside of the roof deck and ceiling and walls for signs of moisture infiltration.
  • All other connected or related building systems or materials.
The purpose of the Visual Roof Survey shall be to determine the type and current conditions of the roofing system and associated building components. Additionally, the survey is intended to identify all defects and potential problem areas.
After completion of the visual roof survey, the roof consultant shall prepare, detailed written report containing all of the findings of the visual roof survey. The report shall include:
  • A description of the roofing system, the condition of the roofing system, all observed defects and potential problem areas.
  • Recommendations for necessary actions items.
  • Cost estimates to perform the necessary action items.
  • A plan showing the locations of all observed defects and deficiencies
  • A photographic record of the existing conditions of the roof membrane, flashings, and associated building materials.